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I Will Die If I Don’t Give Birth To The Male Lead!

I Will Die If I Don’t Give Birth To The Male Lead!

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    Novel Summary

    On the day Lu Ranran was picked up by her biological parents, she suddenly obtained a system!

    After that she learned that she was a female cannon fodder in a Novel!

    One day in the future, the home will be ruined by the unborn protagonist child!

    System: Your father will jump off the building, your mother will commit suicide, and you will be sold to the entertainment club as a prostitute, but… Don’t lose hope! As long as the male is born with his father alived, we can change the future and enjoy a successful life!

    Lu Ranran looked at her brother who was talking to himself about the college entrance examination: Have a son with your sister, give birth… She is only eighteen!

    —— With no one around, a certain someone blocked Lu Ranran in a corner.
    Ji Zeyang: “You have been pestering me for a long time, what do you want?”
    The host: “Brother, you owe me a child. ”
    Ji Zeyang: “…”
    PS. This is not incest.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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