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I Rely on Green Tea To Hook Up the Heroine

I Rely on Green Tea To Hook Up the Heroine
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I Rely on Green Tea To Hook Up the Heroine

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    Novel Summary

    #Please be rigorous when the task is in progress#
    “Hello, Miss Sister, you have bound the green tea strategy system, do you know the details?”
    round 1
    “Your boyfriend seems to be angry, go with him, I’m fine…” Yu Xi lowered her head and shook her sleeves gently.
    Looking up inadvertently, his eyes are red, “I just miss you a little bit.”
    “Hey, he is not my boyfriend, my sister is with you.”
    round 2
    “You are so kind to your boyfriend. If I were your boyfriend, I would definitely wake up with a smile every day…”
    “But… last time I saw your boyfriend eating with another nice sister, but not as nice as you. Is it your boyfriend’s relative?”
    “He has no relatives, he is an orphan.”
    “Huh? I’m sorry, sorry, I don’t know, he…”
    round 3
    “How come you and your boyfriend are not in love in the game? If it were me, the love couple names would definitely be used by you!!”
    “Don’t worry about these details.”
    “Then what does he care about? Do you change with him! Anyway, it’s a couple, your boyfriend won’t disagree. Last time I saw him having sex with another sister.”
    “…” Let’s divide it.
    “Sister Jin…” Yu Xi swallowed.
    “Don’t call me sister, call my husband!”

    Content Tag: System Quickly Growing Whimsical
    Search keywords: Protagonist: I Supporting role: System 857 Others: Green tea, green tea index
    One sentence introduction: Congratulations, Miss, the green tea index continues to increase
    Purpose: Work hard to complete the task, never shrink from suffering

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