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Horror Studio

Horror Studio
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Horror Studio

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    Novel Summary

    A bizarre e-mail made Qian Cangyi’s life drastically changed. He became an actor in hell movies and entered a quirky movie world. Here, there are many people like him in hell movies. Struggling to survive.

    Every time a movie is lived, the actors can receive varying amounts of pay, which can be exchanged for money, but more importantly, they can be exchanged for special props that can save their lives in the movie world.

    The mysterious stele of Yuxi Village, the scarlet blood moon of Hefang Island, the creepy crypt of a century-old school, the ghost ship of the mysterious sea…

    Every movie world hides an incomprehensible existence in Qiancang.

    Special props can certainly increase the chance of survival, but to survive in the hell movie, courage and wisdom are the only weapons he can rely on!

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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