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Help! My Delicate Object is a Madman

Help! My Delicate Object is a Madman
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Help! My Delicate Object is a Madman

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    Novel Summary

    When Shen Suhe opened his eyes, he saw a delicate woman banging her head against a pillar rather than die, and scolding her as a bastard to take over the girls on the street!

    Shen Suhe: “???” I’m also a girl, I didn’t want to insult your innocence!

    Originally a group of bad reputation, lustful, arrogant, and despised by everyone!

    Shen Suhe struggled hard after wearing it, struggling to improve his reputation. Until one day, there was a weak and beautiful man on her bed.

    The beautiful man was weak and wounded, and was engraved by someone, and there were bells ringing wherever he went.

    The crowd exploded.

    “Shen Suhe, beast! So beautiful and so cruel!”

    “Shen Suhe can’t die! You actually engraved letters and hung bells for all the men. How is this different from a pet?”

    “Curse Shen Suhe again! Now he’s actually attacking such a beautiful man! Crude, disgusting, bah!”

    Shen Suhe: “…” I didn’t, I wasn’t!

    Until one day, everyone discovered that this weak and beautiful man was aggressive and ferocious! Feet on tired bones! !

    Everyone was trembling with tears in their eyes, and only then did they realize that Shen Suhe’s servant was a good person.


    Su Ye rested on Shen Suhe’s shoulder, his hands were stained with blood, but he still looked weak and aggrieved: “Ahe, your hands hurt.”

    Shen Suhe hugged the person and coaxed: “Good, it won’t hurt in a while.”

    Su Ye’s hostility instantly dissipated: “Ahe, you are mine~”

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