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Heavens Start Sign In From Ip Man

Heavens Start Sign In From Ip Man

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    Novel Summary

    After Fang Mu stayed in Yewen World for a few years, he activated the card system of Wanjie

    Check-in location: Ye Wen Wushu Hall!

    Check-in location: in the coffin of Yizhuang!

    Check-in location: in the belly of grandma!

    Since then, Fang Mu has used various places and various postures to check in life!

    Xiuchundao: Add money to a layman, the words are very smooth.

    Uncle Nine: Master Ren has also doubled the shadow and forgiveness? Pirate: The salary is in place, and the four emperors do nothing.

    Green Snake: Dawei Tianlong, Shizun Jizo, I can tell at a glance that you are not a human! Most worlds will involve, Ip Man, the zombie world (including Mr. Zombie, Uncle Zombie), Monster Universe, Marvel, Pirate, Dragon Ball, Douluo, Doudou, covering the sky, devouring the starry sky, etc.,

    Current World: Zombie World

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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