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Heartthrob A Doesn’t Want To Fall In Love

Heartthrob A Doesn’t Want To Fall In Love
146 Chapters
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Heartthrob A Doesn’t Want To Fall In Love

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    Novel Summary

    Don’t want the heartthrob Alpha ★Vicious female with diseased Omega

    [Unconventional ABO, female a has no organs]

    After Ning Xi died, she wore a one-to-many simultaneous love ABO novel and became the heroine of the heartthrob Alpha in the book.

    Any Omega who has appeared in a novel will fall in love with her when he smells her pheromone.

    Ning Xi: Don’t love me, to no avail. Falling in love is just a waste of time, don’t talk about it!

    Soon, Ning Xi met Yu Qingxue, the vicious female partner in the novel, and discovered that as an Omega, Yu Qingxue had no interest in her.

    Ning Xi: This omega can develop into a friend~

    Later, the two who finally became friends went out alone, and Yu Qingxue’s pheromone inhibitor suddenly failed…

    Afterwards, Ning Xi: really fragrant:)

    Ning Xi: Falling in love is a waste of time? Who said that? ? ? It’s not me anyway.

    Ning Xi: Every second separated from Qingxue is a waste of time ?

    [No Responsibility Small Theater:
    Moderator: Miss Yu, they said that Ning Xi chased you for a long time before you agreed. Everyone was very curious. Did you really feel Ning Xi at first?
    Yu Qingxue: I installed it. Without pretending to be uninterested in her, how could she approach me proactively [smile]
    Moderator: Then… Is the pheromone failure really an accident?
    Yu Qingxue: Of course not. Without “accidents”, how can we go further? [Smile]
    Moderator: [Terror]
    Ning Xi: I thought it was destined, but I didn’t expect it to be a step by step. I deserve to be my wife [Biaxin~]]
    Content tags: Sweet text Modern overhead text Wearing a book Shuang text
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Ning Xi, Yu Qingxue Supporting role: Others:
    One sentence introduction: fall in love with a vicious female partner
    Conception: Don’t give up when you are in the worst situation. Hope always appears when you are most desperate.

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