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Group Pet Young Cubs Are All Over the Stars

Group Pet Young Cubs Are All Over the Stars
59 Chapters
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Group Pet Young Cubs Are All Over the Stars

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    Novel Summary

    The strength of the interstellar era is respected, and the Eudemons are the masters of the entire Northern Star Territory.

    Eudemons are powerful and mysterious, fierce and brutal, and the entire universe has almost no rivals.

    They are terrible in appearance and wanton destruction. They are recognized as an interstellar disaster, and they are fascinating. People are afraid of them, but they have no alternative.

    Suddenly one day, people discovered that the unruly Eudemons suddenly became united.

    The undisciplined Huanshou clan has a king.

    They spoil the king unconditionally, and the needs of the king override their lives, and they vowed to follow it all their lives.

    Other races in the interstellar have speculated that the King of Eudemons must be terrifying, ugly, and extremely cruel.

    One day, the King of Eudemons went out and followed the destroyer-class battleship to obscure the sky.

    Interstellar People: The universe is going to be destroyed? !

    The mermaid hid in the deep sea, the bird hid in the dense forest, the human put on armor and prayed…

    Then, they saw that the legendary king of horrible monsters turned out to be a fluffy cub with rabbit ears.

    Luo Yang swayed his big furry tail, raised his small chest and screamed, “I am the king of phantom beasts! Aooo——”

    Interstellar People:? ! Who will believe this? !

    Luo Yang licked his fur’s paws, milking back with a milky voice: “If you don’t accept it, come to fight, understand?”

    After speaking, he shook his rabbit ears, flicked his furry tail, and made a “gurgling” sound in his throat.

    Immediately afterwards, the whole interstellar boiled:

    “Such a cute Eudemons King, I love it!”

    “Too cute, can’t stand it, can’t stand it!”

    “The King of Eudemons, how many years will it be sentenced to raise a cub like you?!”

    Later, Luoyang, the king of phantom beasts, who had an exceedingly cute degree, became the belief of the Mermaid, Feather, and Human…

    One day, Luo Yang accepted an interview.

    “Excuse me, how did you conquer the entire interstellar world?”

    Luo Yang held his head up tall: “Of course it depends on strength!”

    The Eudemons nodded: “Our cubs are the best!”

    People of all ethnic groups in the interstellar (sound like a mosquito): “It depends on selling cuteness!”

    PS: 1. Cub-raising group pet article, warm and healing
    2. The offense is a violent general, raises cubs in the early stage, and develops direction

    Content Tag: StarCraft Sweet Text Shuang Text Cute Pet
    Search keyword: Protagonist: Luo Yang, Jin Yuan Supporting actor: [I became a group pet after being pregnant with a single pass for nine generations] Seek advance collection ┃ Others:
    One sentence introduction: I’m super fierce, wailing~~
    Purpose: Having a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty, life will be better

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