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Great Voyage: The Cartoonist of the Straw Hats

Great Voyage: The Cartoonist of the Straw Hats
252 Chapters
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Great Voyage: The Cartoonist of the Straw Hats

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    Novel Summary

    Luo Lan traveled to the world of pirates, but the golden finger cheated him, it seemed useless.

    Fortunately, I met Luffy at the beginning, and I planned to hang out in the hat group and wait for the finale.

    But what he didn’t know was that after reading his comics…

    Luffy frantically racked up experience in the comics and awakened Nika form ahead of time!

    Zoro had just finished his duel with Sasaki Kojiro in the morning, and he fought Kenpachi again in the afternoon!

    Sanji hangs out with guys with thick eyebrows all day long, shouting about youth, passion and so on~

    Usopp asked the two Wang Yue to create a shallow sword, awakening the bow and killing star!

    Chopper gathered the power of the twelve beasts to prove that I am not the weakest fruit of everyone!

    Robin’s thousand hands formed a seal at the same time, and told you what is the spiral pill washing the ground!

    When the top war comes, the *hat group makes a strong debut and shocks the world! !

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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