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Grassroots Glory

Grassroots Glory
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Grassroots Glory

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    Novel Summary

    Zhou Tiancheng is just a college student grassroots player, but he dreams of dominating football and is comparable to legend.

    “Don’t be funny, is the bowl of professional football so easy to serve? And the Chinese are going to be superstars? Table tennis is almost the same!”

    But since the accidental acquisition of the football superstar growth system, a legend has begun…

    Reporter: “Zhou Tiancheng, as the first Chinese to win the FIFA Golden Globe Award, everyone wants you to evaluate your career.”

    Zhou Tiancheng: “The pyramid tip is not a genius patent. The master is in the private sector. As long as you can stand in the tuyere, the grass roots can also fly to the sky!”

    - Description from Qidian


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