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Genius Divine Doctor Favourite Concubine

Genius Divine Doctor Favourite Concubine
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Genius Divine Doctor Favourite Concubine

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    Novel Summary

    “One night as my woman, a whole lifetime will be my woman!” She accidentally ate the demon boy clean, from then on, night after night to be entangled and can’t sleep. She is a genius doctor, blackbellied and witty, with a baby daughter, fighting with wisdom and fighting scum.

    “Brother, that night, I paid the bill, let’s settle down, don’t be wicked!” She had an innocent face.

    “I’m very expensive.” The demonic beautiful man had a dark smile. “But I’m a reasonable person, and you are allowed to pay your debt with your body.”

    “Mother, don’t panic! Baby call new daddy to pay off the debt.” The explosive little princess said in a milky voice.

    “Little bad bun, I’m your real real father! Those are all impostors.” A certain man with a black face wanted to cry without tears.

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