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From the Country Team To the Rich

From the Country Team To the Rich
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From the Country Team To the Rich

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    Novel Summary

    In a corner of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, there is a group of people looking up at the dazzling starry sky, watching the shooting stars under the night, bright and dazzling.

    Even in a poor corner, I want to go to the top stage to vent my passion and dreams.

    Sweat, hard work, smiles, and tears all outline a bright future.

    Football has nothing to do with life and death, but football is higher than life and death!

    This is not a story of one person, this is a story of a group of people.

    This group is at the bottom but clamoring about the story of climbing to the apex of Europe.

    This is a story of creating value and chasing dreams!

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