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Film and Television Unlimited Adventure

Film and Television Unlimited Adventure
1360 Chapters
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Film and Television Unlimited Adventure

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    Resident Evil, Captain America, Harry Potter, Underworld, X-Men, Avengers, A Chinese Ghost Story, Journey to the West, Apocalypse…, go all the way against the sky, walk your own way, let others There is no way to go, the heroic beauty is enchanting, please see Wu Qizhe’s infinite adventure journey.

    (The worlds I have gone to include Resident Evil 3, 4, Captain America, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Mr. Zombie, Underworld, Tokyo Ghoul, Mummy, Painting Rivers and Lakes, Transformers, Ghost Story, Hunter Winter War , Miss Pei’s fantasy castle, Twilight, Time Planning Bureau, Wonder Woman, the world that is going “Neon Genesis Evangelion”)

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