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Female Campus Agent

Female Campus Agent
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Female Campus Agent

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    Novel Summary

    [Completed] She is a top hacker expert, unexpectedly reborn as an ordinary junior high school student.

    Gambler father, borrowed usury and was chased for debt?

    There are also a group of best relatives who followed at home.

    The reborn Yun Jian Fu’e sneered: Do you want to know how to write dead words!

    She returned with grace, high-profile counterattack, if anyone deceives me, kill me!

    “The female protagonist Yun Jian, the male protagonist Si Yi”

    PS: Shuangwen, scum, face, strong women and strong men, 1V1 is absolutely clean in body and mind. If you don’t believe it, you can scratch it with a soap and brush! By the way, press the lower right corner to collect it!

    [Reprinting or rewriting is strictly prohibited! Must be investigated! ! ! 】

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