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Female Alpha She is Super Sweet

Female Alpha She is Super Sweet
87 Chapters
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Female Alpha She is Super Sweet

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    Novel Summary

    Gu Qing is inherently weak, and his empty-learning moves are useless.
    Once she became a female Alpha, Gu Qing said that even if there is something more under her body, she will try to adapt to her physical fitness.

    Gu Qing, who freed herself up, planted a “bad name” inadvertently with the addition of female A’s strong physical fitness:
    “The girl A in the energy class is super fierce!”
    “She actually had a fight with Beta, she didn’t have a gentlemanly demeanor at all!”
    “Also scared to cry a group of little O!”
    “For revenge, I strengthened the strongest Omega!”

    Gu Qing: …just kidding! Is she super sweet?
    Gu Qing: She was the one who was forced to mark O ah ah ah!
    The darker and darker Gu Qing: Give up treatment.jpg

    Gu Qing: Hey, isn’t it just a show of affection several times?
    “Sure enough, falling in love is helpful for self-cultivation, thank you very much!”
    Gu Qing:…She is already sweet!

    This article is also known as “Cruel Female A Washing Sweet History” and “I, Female Attack, Super Sweet!” “On the importance of showing affection to washing sweetness”

    High-energy warning:
    1. Female attack and male victim! Su Shuang Tianlei! The main heroine attack! Don’t enter if you don’t like it!

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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