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Evolution Crisis

Evolution Crisis
154 Chapters
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Evolution Crisis

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    Novel Summary

    A mysterious asteroid accidentally broke into the Earth-Moon system, bringing an evolutionary opportunity for mankind. Many people took this opportunity to obtain huge abilities and powers, and also brought mankind into an evolutionary crisis. After the mutation, the monsters began to snatch the living space with humans.

    The tragic war of annihilation, the temporarily dormant League of Warcraft, the tragic victory of the human alliance, and the changes in the power pattern of the earth are just a prelude.

    The invincible beast king cultivated by the League of Warcraft is missing, mysteriously parasitic and devoured by terror, a baby who is still in swaddling is destined to live a life of great power.

    He only wanted to live his own life, but because of accidents he entangled with many beauties, inherited the power of the Beastmaster, and made countless masters from the Warcraft League and the Human League swarm.

    Beautiful women of various races, complex environments, powerful enemies, all of which will surely become a foil for a king…

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