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Everyone Thinks That the Fake Daughter Has Deep Problems

Everyone Thinks That the Fake Daughter Has Deep Problems
139 Chapters
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Everyone Thinks That the Fake Daughter Has Deep Problems

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    Novel Summary

    Mingjiao felt that she might be the most unlucky person who transmigrated through a book. She just stayed up all night and read a bloody novel about a wrong child. Daughter.
    The fake daughter is a vicious female supporting role, stupid and unruly, the real daughter bullied her sister before she came back, and after the real daughter came back, she fought for favor and persecuted yin and yang.
    She crossed over just in time for her family to be disappointed in her and kicked her out of the house.
    Before she had time to be quiet, she encountered an assassination plot suspected of burglary.
    The person who rescued her was the real daughter in a vest.
    Mingjiao silently lit a cigarette, “Life is so exciting.”
    I have done everything that needs to be done, it is impossible to clean up the whitewashing, and it is impossible in this life, and I can only rely on tracking down the real murderer with the real daughter to make a living.
    Just chasing and chasing, life is going wrong.
    The adoptive mother, who was deeply disappointed in her, said, “It’s because I didn’t protect you well that I made you suffer so much.”
    The elder sister who hated her so much, “Can you trust me again?”
    The younger sister who was originally indifferent to her said, “Why don’t you tell us if you have any difficulties?”
    But Tang Xiaoyu, the real daughter who should hate her the most, took her hand lightly, “You said that the grace of saving life should be promised with your body.”
    Mingjiao: Meow, meow, my friends, something is wrong with you.
    Mingjiao, “Ahem… There are many types of physical relationships, whether to marry or marry, this matter can be discussed.”
    Tang Xiaoyu originally hated Mingjiao. She was shallow, arrogant, stupid, arrogant, vicious, and possessed countless flaws that did not match her beauty.
    Until one day she rescued her in a night full of flower fragrance and blood.
    A Ming Jiao wrapped in mist and countless secrets unfolded in front of her.
    She still loathed her, probably hated her, yet was attracted to her, and could not stop loving her in the end.
    Mingjiao’s life in the eyes of others: an elegy of fate full of a sense of fate and burdened with too many hardships
    Mingjiao’s own life in the eyes: Sand sculptures amuse the ordinary daily life of Ziren
    This article can also be named “Everyone around me is a brain monster”, “I’m really just an ordinary person”
    The real and fake daughters are not sisters, and they are not in the same account book.
    There is a teaser system.
    The core stalk has not changed, but the background has been changed, so the copywriting has also been changed.
    Originally, I wanted to write a story about the blood of a wealthy family honestly, but I couldn’t write it without some fighting elements, so this article also directly mutated.
    Unconventional wealthy family type novel, involving supernatural powers, martial arts, (I don’t know if there is) magic and other elements…but the background is in an overhead city.

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