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Dressed As a Body Double Slag a and His Aunt

Dressed As a Body Double Slag a and His Aunt
114 Chapters
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Dressed As a Body Double Slag a and His Aunt

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    Novel Summary

    “Substitute” is an ABO dog-blooded stand-in essay. The heroine Shu Jin is the substitute girlfriend of a certain scumbag boss. After being tortured by the scumbag boss and Bai Yueguang to a serious illness, Shu Jin was tired and decided to give up. .
    After leaving the scumbag, Shu Jin cut off love and love, developed her career all the way, and perfectly completed the gorgeous turn from a poor double to a rich woman.
    Later, when faced with Boss Ba’s remorse and confession, Shu Jin even lashed out.
    You didn’t want it when my old lady was upside down, but now you are acting like chasing a wife and crematorium with me!
    Until the end of the novel, Shu Jin never forgave the scumbag. Instead, she is beautiful alone in the life of a rich woman.
    This article…well, Shen Yilan quite likes to read it.
    Then? Then she wore it, and she became the aunt Long Aotian who was the scumbag in the book.

    Looking at the heroine who was crying pear blossoms and raining in front of her, Shen Yilan couldn’t help but walked up to her and asked her, “Are you okay?”
    Shen Lintian is a scumbag.
    Bai Yueguang cheated first, and threatened Shu Jin to pretend to be his girlfriend to help deal with his sister-in-law after they broke up.
    Arriving at home as promised, Shu Jin found out that Shen Lintian’s sister-in-law in front of her was not the sister who gave her sweets?
    At night, Shu Jin quietly pushed open the door of Shen Yilan’s room, and asked in a low voice, “Are you asleep?”
    Change the timid appearance at the dinner table.
    She dresses very boldly.
    But Shen Yilan was unmoved, “Why are you here again?”
    “The air conditioner in my room is broken. Come to your place for a night.”
    Shen Yilan frowned: “What about Lintian?”
    Shu Jin lowered her eyes, her eyes were about to cry, “Probably at Bai Yueguang’s place.”
    Shen Yilan thought about the poor stand-in heroine in the book, and sighed, “Come in.”
    Shu Jin followed good advice and thought to herself, just as she guessed, this woman Shen Yilan is easier to deal with than she imagined.
    Shen Lintian cheated on Bai Yueguang first, so don’t blame me for picking on your sister-in-law, I want to be your aunt! Shu Jin’s heart was filled with the pleasure of revenge.
    After she fell asleep in Shen Yilan’s arms again until she woke up naturally, Shu Jin murmured wonderingly: “Shen Yilan, can’t you?”
    Later, when Shen Lintian repented and wanted to get Shu Jin back, Shu Jin hesitated.
    Shen Yilan was very angry, she didn’t understand why there was any hesitation.
    But Shu Jin is more fierce than her——
    “What can I do without considering Shen Lintian! You can’t!”
    Shen Yilan: “…I can’t?”
    “Are you okay? You don’t even eat an omega when my mother delivers it to your door, are you okay?”
    Shen Yilan: “…”
    Then Shen Yilan directly pulled him to the bedroom, and said seriously: “I can do it.”
    Shu Jin:? !
    +++ Here is demining, must see +++
    #ABO文, non-traditional ABO, relatively weak setting, no second set of organs#
    #双夫,女2 and scumbag fell in love, body clean#
    #文章是双智景(the main body of Shu Jin’s growth line is too much, Shen Yilan’s attack, the ‘mutual attack’ written in the column of angle of view refers to the sense of angle of view, not the meaning of body position#
    #无脑凉,Don’t bring your brain#
    #The relevant content of two people’s occupations is that I refer to some materials and then compile them myself, please do not substitute them into reality#
    #看文图一乐, I wish you a happy reading#
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