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Dream is King

Dream is King
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Dream is King

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    Novel Summary

    There is no rebirth through time, and there is no system of heaven to cut melons and vegetables;

    There is no secret book under the cliff, and there is no great return pill from the dead;

    There is no such thing as a full-fledged lust with a strange root and a sacred blood.

    If it is said that Shi Jianren is an expert who has attained the Tao and joined the WTO,

    Then Bai Haonan was a dazed fellow who smashed his head into blood.

    The key is that he still feels that he is living a very happy life!

    A story similar to the golden right foot,

    A story about a dream,

    It depends on what tinted glasses you are wearing.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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