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Don’t Hide From Me!

Don’t Hide From Me!
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Don’t Hide From Me!

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    Novel Summary

    Ye Yao found out that he was in love with his friend Lu Xun.

    They ate and slept together, were almost inseparable, and were each other’s best friends.

    From what he has learnt over the years, Lu Xun is a straight man of steel, and because of his good looks, he is very attractive to guys with a male sexual orientation.

    Whenever such a person appeared, Lu Xun would cut them off without a second thought. Even if he was a good friend before, he would still blackball them without any hesitation, keeping them completely out of his world.

    To preserve this friendship, Ye Yao minimised the time he spent with Lu Xun, a relationship that should not have been discovered.

    Lu Xun wanted to travel alone with him, but he refused.

    Lu Xun wanted to take a bath with him, but he refused.

    Lu Xun wants to sleep with him, but he still refuses.


    Ye Yao managed to reduce his contact with Lu Xun, but one day, when he was alone at home, he was blocked by Lu Xun.

    The man who was always cheerful and sunny to him now had a horrible dark face and pinned him against the wall.

    “Hiding from me?” Lu Xun laughed coldly, “If you can’t give a proper reason …… you can’t blame me for following you every minute of every day.”

    Ye Yao confesses in part.

    He tells Lu Xun that he likes men, but does not say that he likes Lu Xun.

    Lu Xun, who shunned homosexuality like a snake, gave him exceptional treatment.

    Not only does he not stay away from him, he takes him to the movies and tries to straighten him out.

    “What’s so great about smelly, hard men, it’s disgusting.” Lu Xun put his arm around Ye Yao’s shoulders and pointed at the man working hard on the computer screen with one hand, saying to Ye Yao, “It’s hard and smelly, let’s not like men anymore, okay?”

    Ye Yao was silent for a moment: “You’re right about everything, but …… I’m the one down there.”

    Lu Xun was stunned, and then fled.

    Ye Yao thought his friendship with Lu Xun would end here, but at one of the social events, in the darkness, he was wrapped up in a familiar embrace.

    The usually casual voice was now full of anger: “How dare you let another man touch you?”


    Ye Yao finally understood.

    Lu Xun, who was straight, had become gay without Lu Xun knowing it himself.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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