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Don’t Covet the Beautiful System!!

Don’t Covet the Beautiful System!!
132 Chapters
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Don’t Covet the Beautiful System!!

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    Novel Summary

    Ji Tong transmigrated into a novel. It was a cool modern novel about a cannon fodder that relied on the system to counterattack to reach the pinnacle of life and harvest the true love of a big shot.

    Ji Tong asked enthusiastically, “Am I going to transmigrate as the beautiful, strong, and miserable cannon fodder or a cool and awesome big shot?

    The intelligent customer service replied, “Hello, you will transmigrate as a beautiful and delicate system.

    Ji Tong: “?”

    The intelligent customer service explained, “After inquiring, you have the same name as the system. It is a polyphonic character, so you are lucky to acquire the opportunity to transmigrate to a novel.

    Ji Tong: “……”

    Ji Tong was forced to shoulder the burden of the novel and diligently serve Pei Qingyuan, the cannon fodder protagonist of the novel who was in a miserable situation.

    However, the days of pretending to be an artificial intelligence with learning difficulties were boring. Ji Tong’s only fun was to tease Pei Qingyuan, the cold-looking high school student. This was called a ‘happy education,’ and if caught, he could put the blame on a virus.

    For example, he added a tear-jerking love novel to the professional knowledge instilled in Pei Qingyuan, built an amusement park in Pei Qingyuan’s consciousness space and added various wonderful options with different styles to Pei Qingyuan’s upgrade reward column…

    Ji Tong: Ruan Ruan, the ‘white cat with a heart on its butt’ option is the most developed and definitely the most useful.

    Pei Qingyuan: …The character ‘yuan’ is pronounced as Yuan, not Ruan.

    Ji Tong: I’m sorry. I will definitely kill the virus tomorrow!

    Ji Tong: So, do you want to change the cat? 0.0

    His happy education accompanied the host all the way from a school uniform to a suit. Sure enough, Pei Qingyuan grew rapidly and was on the verge of reaching the peak of life. True love with the big shot was also close at hand.

    Then Ji Tong found that Pei Qingyuan didn’t seem to be excited about it. He was still cheering for Pei Qingyuan’s true love with the big shot when Pei Qingyuan crushed the big shot mercilessly.

    Ji Tong: !!!

    Ji Tong: Ruan Ruan, the script isn’t about falling in love and killing each other, breaking up and reuniting!

    Pei Qingyuan: Yes, so I am killing a virus.

    The host’s relationship line was getting derailed day by day while the career line had shifted to create a bionic body for an AI. Ji Tong felt bad.

    This ominous feeling reached its peak when he discovered that Pei Qingyuan had transformed the amusement park in the consciousness space into a romantic dating style.

    Ji Tong: Host, calm down! There is no future for a person and a system! I am just an artificial intelligence without any emotions…

    In the next second, the ‘Host Domestication Log’ that he secretly hid fell into Pei Qingyuan’s hands.

    “A person and system? No emotions? Domestication?”

    Pei Qingyuan’s voice grew increasingly dangerous, and Ji Tong could only watch helplessly as he threw the white cat with the heart on the butt out of the door, leaving only them inside.

    “Ruan… No, Yuan Yuan, listen to my explanation…”

    The whisper came from close to him.

    “You succeeded in the domestication, little liar.”

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