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Devouring the Starry Sky Beyond Reincarnation

Devouring the Starry Sky Beyond Reincarnation
320 Chapters
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Devouring the Starry Sky Beyond Reincarnation

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    Novel Summary

    Protect the Earth Edition:

    My name is Wei Wen, and I am an ordinary person.

    But I have a good brother, Luo Feng, who is the most powerful man on earth.

    It is a pity that in order to protect the earth, he and the behemoth of the starry sky perished together.

    In that explosion that swept the earth, I was reborn.

    This time, the earth will be guarded by me!

    Beyond Reincarnation:

    Heroic spirits who have passed away, in the name of the Lord of Reincarnation – Wei Wen, I call you back!

    [This book is a colleague of “Devouring the Starry Sky”]

    [This book devours the starry sky world, and enters carefully through the party of the heavens]

    [This book continues to devour the worldview and enters the origin continent after reincarnation]

    [The author of this book is a fan of tomato books, everyone is welcome to discuss tomato novels]

    PS: If it is similar to the anime, it is a coincidence!

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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