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Demonic School Grass: Demon is a Girl

Demonic School Grass: Demon is a Girl
425 Chapters
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Demonic School Grass: Demon is a Girl

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    Novel Summary

    [This article has no male protagonist]

    [different routine]

    #Women disguise as men + mysterious identity + play into the three realms#

    A certain subordinate looked at the people in the row next to him, raised his head and said to the noble and extraordinary young man in the middle of the hall: “Your Highness, let this subordinate destroy those scumbags.”

    “Master! Let the subordinates kill those scumbags!”

    “Boss! Don’t listen to them, let me get some poison to kill those scumbags.”

    The young man smiled innocently, she was just a woman disguised as a man and a man and a god with a long body and a little bit of anger.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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