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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master

Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master
81 Chapters
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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master

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    Novel Summary

    Ou Renjin likes keeping beautiful young men because he likes watching the drama.

    Watching them be arrogant and conceited; watching them be obsequious and sycophantic; watching them have ulterior motives and fight with each other, seeing all the evil side of human nature.

    Until, he picks up a poor little guy.

    The poor little guy is ignorant and helpless, treating Ou Renjin as his whole world, spending all his salary to buy him gifts, standing in front of him in times of danger without hesitation, even…

    …saying to him in the calmest and lightest of tones after knowing that their heart matching is successful, “I am very grateful that you have been hiding it from me, but I have long been ready to give my heart to you.”

    * * *

    036 was born as a test subject, without parents or friends.

    As the only successful “petri dish of renewable organs”, he had every organ in his body cut out and transplanted to the rich and powerful countless times.

    After getting used to the pain, he met the most special person in the world.

    This person was so good that he wanted to cut out his own heart immediately.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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