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Cultivating Immortals is Worse than Black Technology

Cultivating Immortals is Worse than Black Technology
42 Chapters
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Cultivating Immortals is Worse than Black Technology

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    Novel Summary

    System: I save you so that you can cultivate immortals! Not for you to engage in scientific research!
    Tang Huan: Oh, do you have any new mech manufacturing drawings?
    System: No! No points for not cultivating immortals! You can’t buy pictures without points!
    Tang Huan: Well, I’ll go to cultivate immortals.

    Later, Tang Huanlang went too far and fell seriously injured at Tianyifeng.
    The kind-hearted peak master said: It is enough to promise life-saving grace.
    Tang Huan:……? ? ?
    How can a savior take the initiative to ask others to agree with him!

    Black Belly Man Sao Sword Repair Big Brother x Pseudo High Cold Real Technology House Big Long Legs Cannon Sister
    Su Shuang, Ji San Tang Sect, has not played before and does not affect the reading of the “text”

    Content tags: Traveling through time and space Immortal hero cultivation Sweet text Shuang text

    Search keywords: Protagonist: Tang Huan Supporting role: Mo Qingyi Others: Jisan, Tangmen, 1v1, he

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