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Crossing Soldiers

Crossing Soldiers
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Crossing Soldiers

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    Novel Summary

    In the era of interstellar immigrants, Leng Feng, an 18-year-old boy born in the poor class, enlisted as a private soldier in order to obtain enough funds for his brother to continue his studies and his mother to maintain his life.

    When the system network absorbed him into the special team, and got the seven-star badge that only he can use and can be loaded with countless special equipment, he began his legendary life…

    As the curtain opened, the existential crisis and challenges of a vast and endless universe appeared before his eyes, and could he achieve the ultimate goal?

    Black hole bomb? There are tens of thousands of large boxes in his badge. Planetary bomb? River bomb? Dial-up transmission system? Pyramid spacecraft? River-class spacecraft? These are all in the protagonist badge. As for the Ark of Time…

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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