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China Has Table Tennis

China Has Table Tennis
386 Chapters
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China Has Table Tennis

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    Novel Summary

    Lang Siping is a ping pong veteran who has a left-handed stunt, Zeng Xiaoao, who is known as the “left-handed Canglong” and has won many championships.

    At the age of 36, he overwhelmed the champions in the National Championships. He won the championship in 18 years. After winning the championship, he faced a choice. He was older but he did not want to play table tennis.

    When I watched a variety show, I was inspired. I wanted to create a variety show “China has Ping Pong”, set up a CPPA like the NBA, and founded the company to develop the same game.

    When Grandpa named him, he wanted him to be stable.

    See how he builds his own ping pong kingdom, let us walk into his ping pong world …

    - Description from Qidian


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