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Chang’an Peasant Girl

Chang’an Peasant Girl
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Chang’an Peasant Girl

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    Novel Summary

    Quietly crossed over to an ancient peasant girl who could be deceived by everyone.

    She was sold on the day she crossed the road, well, she took the betrayal by hand and stepped on the scumbag. She controls her freedom, she decides her marriage, she decides her future, and no one wants to point fingers at her!

    Quietly and domineeringly, he patted his deed to the man next to him: “Take it away, I will be yours from now on.”

    Man: “…”

    The man dotes on her very much, she does whatever she wants, and abuses all kinds of scum with her. The two of them lived extremely well in their childhood.

    It’s the identity of a man…

    (Shuangwen, strong men and strong women, 1v1 favorite text)

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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