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Cataclysm Bears

Cataclysm Bears
244 Chapters
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Cataclysm Bears

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    Novel Summary

    The ferocious bird with a wingspan of 100 meters hovers in the sky, casting a large shadow

    Distorted giant humanoids wander aimlessly in the ruins of a deserted city

    Dense colonies of man-eating ants march through the wilderness, gnawing away at all creatures they can encounter

    In the darkness, the sewers extending in all directions, the predators hiding in the dark spread their slender and ferocious limbs, waiting patiently for the fleeing people to break into their territory.

    Beneath the distant clouds, there was lightning and thunder, and a giant bear that was taller than the mountains, bathed in thunder and lightning, came along with the storm.

    “Race the storm!”

    This is the era of cataclysm, a tragic beginning, and a carnival for the lucky ones!

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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