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Cannon Fodder is Not In the Service Area

Cannon Fodder is Not In the Service Area

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    The holographic online game BOSS Su Jiameng came across from the game and found that he had turned from an abusive BOSS into a tortured cannon fodder! Before, there was a black-bellied elder sister who was reborn with resentment and revenge. After that, there was a passing through the second sister with the aura of almighty Mary Su. There are also two buns and children’s shoes of various mischievous pit girls. Why don’t people have a good life? Su Jiameng, my goal is to take my son to conquer the sea of ​​stars, and refuse to fight in the house… Someone smiled and said that it is okay, Xiaomeng, you are responsible for making money and supporting the family, I am responsible for being beautiful, how about? Su Jiameng “……” (*^__^*) Ask for a pink ticket~~~~

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