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Bye Bye

Bye Bye
140 Chapters
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Bye Bye

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    Novel Summary

    One day, Jiao Bai went home and passed by the small bookstore, walked in. The boss recommended a batch of new goods to him with a fatherly face, all of which were rotten. He went home happily, but was hit by a car at the intersection in front of his house, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he was in a BE scumbag.

    Hehehe. Jiao Bai folded his hands on his stomach, lying on the big white bed with a peaceful face, he dressed as one of the candidates… of the little stepmother of that scumbag. Oh, by the way, the protagonist in the manhua, the cheap Shou, is the white moonlight of the character he passed through. Now, washing up in the bathroom is an old friend of the protagonist gong’s dad, and next door is the slag gong’s dad and his old friend’s ‘Little Pepper’.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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