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Boss, She is Unparalleled

Boss, She is Unparalleled
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Boss, She is Unparalleled

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    Novel Summary

    Jiang Yu, who fell from a god to a demon, is an existence that everyone in the Six Realms shouts at and fears.

    Jiang Yu is dead, his soul is broken, and he has to do tasks to live.

    Later, the Heavenly Dao and the system demon spirits of the three thousand planes cried like dogs.

    Jiang Yu: There are too many weak chickens, and they can’t do things well.

    Jiang Yu (pulling out his sword with no expression on his face): It’s better to kill…

    A certain Bai: Yu Bao, don’t move, let me come!

    Demon Spirit: Host, you are here to do a mission, not to kill! ! !

    Jiang Yu: Ah, I’m invincible again.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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