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Being Koi In Survival Live [Interstellar]

Being Koi In Survival Live [Interstellar]
132 Chapters
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Being Koi In Survival Live [Interstellar]

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    Novel Summary

    The day when the koi demon fish carp was transformed into a human form, he was stunned by a thunderbolt, and when he woke up, he found that he was wearing a cannon fodder supporting role in a novel brought back by sister Longnv.
    The supporting role is Yu Lili, whose parents are scumbags, and signed up for 200,000 star coins to deceive her to live in the extremely dangerous barren star.
    Poor Yu Lili, a combat scum with double E in physique and spirit, became cold on the first day of the barren star.
    I have read the novel and know how dangerous the live broadcast is: I can’t, I can’t let me out!
    It’s a pity that the spaceship that sent them has long since left, and the next time they come will be three months later.
    Fish Carp Carp: As the monster circle with the lowest force value, it can only rely on good luck.
    So the live audience will see:
    The anchor A worked hard to find two sour fruits to eat, and an unmutated rabbit was directly killed on the stone beside the fish and carp.
    The anchor B bumped into the site of a ferocious alien from time to time, and Yu Lili walked for a long time without encountering a first-class alien.
    In the evening, anchor C made 18 traps and was slept for three hours before being attacked by alien beasts. When Yu Lili was sleepy, he found a comfortable tree hole and slept peacefully all night.
    Audience: You are afraid that you are broadcasting live on a fake star!
    Fish Carp Carp: Barren Star is not that dangerous!
    Everyone thought that Yu Lili was a lucky weak chicken, until that day Yu Lili, in order to save people and faced a fourth-level alien beast, plucked up his courage and stretched out his pink and tender fist.
    In the next second, the alien beast flew ten meters away.
    Anchor and audience: stunned.jpg
    Fish Carp Carp: So weak! I can’t even beat a weak chicken like me, shame on the beast!
    Others: You are afraid that you have misunderstood the word weak chicken!

    One-sentence introduction: The live broadcast of Desolate Star Survival is not so dangerous!
    Concept: Good luck is also a kind of strength.
    Content Labels: Science Fiction Time and Space Interstellar Live Streaming
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