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Be a Leader In a Primitive Tribe

Be a Leader In a Primitive Tribe
153 Chapters
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Be a Leader In a Primitive Tribe

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    Novel Summary

    Sangyu traveled to the primitive society,

    As soon as he opened his eyes, he was attacked by an ugly monster.

    In a critical moment, he was saved by a little savage,

    She couldn’t find the main road, so she could only follow the little savages to their tribe,

    However, the tribe was attacked and the leader was killed in the battle.

    Young people were taken away, leaving only a group of old and weak women and children waiting to die.

    Sang Yu had nowhere to go, and in order to repay the little wild man, he gathered the remaining thirty or forty people to form a new tribe.

    She tried her best to teach the tribe members to open up wasteland and farm land, raise poultry, fish, make pottery, and build houses;

    Establish laws, teach tribal people to read, learn etiquette and pay attention to hygiene;

    At the same time, dig trenches and build walls to resist the invasion of other tribes;

    The annexation of the population and continuous external expansion became the first tribe in the primitive era to create a new era.

    The former little savage gradually grew up and became a tall and sassy little beauty,

    The little girl is wild, but she is beautiful and obedient, and her combat effectiveness is over the top.

    She followed the Sangyu guard tribe to fight in all directions, and beat the bandits and other tribesmen to pieces.

    If anyone dares to covet his lord, he will be beaten to the ground.

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