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Ascension Journey

Ascension Journey
747 Chapters
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Ascension Journey

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    Novel Summary

    Cheng Bin, a programmer who is extremely curious and eager to learn, has embarked on a journey to the top of the multiverse to ascend to the top of the multiverse after gaining the ladder of climbing——

    In the town where the miracle began, learn research and development skills.

    In the parallel world of information drift, consciousness travels through and recognizes oneself.

    In the outland time and space where fantasy matches, learn knowledge and discover mysteries.

    Finally, Cheng Bin became a high-dimensional life.

    In the end, he recovered from the past tragedy.

    Gao Wei Cheng Bin grows and spreads on the river of time and space, but what awaits him is a trap full of thorns…


    PS: The author is a logic party, a setting party, and a single party, please read carefully.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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