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Apocalyptic Interstellar Emperor

Apocalyptic Interstellar Emperor
655 Chapters
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Apocalyptic Interstellar Emperor

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    Novel Summary

    In 2100, on the eve of the destruction of the sun, spiritual energy revived, the laws of heaven and earth changed drastically, and the world entered the eschatological era-catastrophe.

    Du Qingke, one of the nine “supernatural gods”, was unexpectedly reborn in his youth before the end of the world. This year happened to be 2099, the year before the full-scale disaster era.

    At this time, the fairy cave has not yet been excavated, and countless ancient fairy artifacts are waiting for the destined person!

    At this time, the dinosaur secret realm has not been discovered by the world, and the king-level dinosaur eggs are piled up in the valley!

    At this time, research on energy-generating weapons in the last days of the earth has not yet begun, and special forces of various countries are still using ordinary thermal weapons!

    At this time, the medicine kings of the forbidden areas have not been picked!

    At this time, the descendant of the gods, the disciple of Danzun, was treated as a waste material, begging on the street!

    In the first rebirth, Du Qingke must make up for the regrets of his previous life, pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, defend the survival of the human race, guard the earth’s home, and sweep the starry universe with an invincible posture!

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