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Abuse the Heroine To Be a School Tyrant

Abuse the Heroine To Be a School Tyrant
137 Chapters
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Abuse the Heroine To Be a School Tyrant

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    Novel Summary

    Pre-receive the little cutie you like in “Wake Up The Villain “Ex-Husband” Soars Ascension, and collect it, okay?

    This article is also known as: “Browsing technology in the world of abuse of literature”, “I hand over technology to the country”… After entering V, the plot of high-tech power, there are cp, few emotional dramas, and if you feel pretentious and chatty, please be silent. cross.

    Copy one:

    On the live broadcast platform, a magical channel ID suddenly appeared #Super Scientist Reserve#

    Netizens went in curiously.

    Wearing a simple T-shirt, the drooping Liu Hai couldn’t see his expression clearly. The girl placed a plain white plastic rabbit on a low stool in the distance and lightly pressed the button on its waist.

    “Bang!” An oversized white rabbit with a height of about two meters and a width of about one meter five appeared in the video, and sat down on the low stool at the same time.

    “The material is flexible and can prevent daggers from being stabbed; simple and intelligent AI, can make calls, detect physical health, voice alarm and other functions; this is Xiaobai, it is a must-have product for home travel. The price is 9.8W! Aite three Friends forward, have a chance to get ten for free!”

    Netizens: …

    #Turn around! If your liver explodes, you will also have to draw a lottery #, # Calculate what other organs can be sold on the body! #、# The technological revolution of the new era has begun? ! #.
    Text two:
    System: Welcome to the fictional world of “Desire/Fire”, do you want to regain your freedom? Want to turn the Jedi over? Do you want the president and male protagonist to dominate you? Want your ex-boyfriend to cry and look back? Want to experience the infatuation of the gentle male third? The fourth male with high IQ, the fifth male actor…?
    Xu Jingyi: Shut up. Wait until I finish the book.
    System: Σ(っ+°Д+°;)っThis is different from what my colleagues said, acridine, wait a minute, how did the heroine get out of the predicament so quickly? Why is the heroine’s IQ so swollen? ? Wait, please don’t block my QAQ, I have other cheats, please give me a chance, big guy! ! ? ? …
    Edible Guidelines:
    1: The heroine climbs the technology tree, her golden fingers are thick, and the technology all comes from the author’s brain. Dip! side!
    2: The heroine has high IQ and low EQ. Emotional drama is rare, and it has its own set of brain circuit logic. The abusive male protagonist delivered his face and beat him.
    3:+The plot of a high-tech powerhouse After entering V, there are scumbag supporting roles all the way.

    Content Labels: Farming Literature System Wearing Books Growing

    Search keywords: protagonist: Xu Jingyi ┃ supporting role: boss, ex-boyfriend, little milk dog, tech house, actor ┃ others: the whole world is stunned to see her handsome

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