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A Guide For Vicious Female Matchmakers

A Guide For Vicious Female Matchmakers
143 Chapters
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A Guide For Vicious Female Matchmakers

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    Novel Summary

    Bo Chi died unexpectedly in a car accident. After his death, he found that his opponent was also cold. He is currently working in three thousand small worlds, earning points for the chance of resurrection.
    She was guilty of guilty, and resolutely chased after her, trying to jump up and down to block her dead opponent.

    Starting stallion male: Yu Zhao, I believe you are not a woman who worships money. How could you sell yourself to the rich second generation because your mother was sick? They must be lying to me, right? !
    Bo Chi: Oh, I didn’t lie to you. Yu Zhao and my brother have signed an agreement. Our family bears all the medical expenses of her mother, and she is responsible for—
    Yu Zhao: Marry you.
    Thin wings:? ? ?
    Wait, shouldn’t you marry my brother? !

    Thin wings: What about the great general who holds a lot of power? Don’t even think about going to the battlefield after being my consort! And I will hold the secret of disguising your female as a man, and bully and bully every day…
    Yu Zhao: Huh? Why don’t you continue talking, I’m listening.
    Thin Wing: Woo, woo, woo, I will never lead wolves into the room again! Don’t bully me, two girls really can’t give birth to a cub’s QAQ

    【Martial Arts】
    Bo Chi: Isn’t it a lady, isn’t it a scholarly family, isn’t it the fiancée of the leader of the martial arts? Oh, come here, tie the Yu Zhao who has no power to bind the chicken to me, this demon girl will personally clean her this time!
    Yu Zhao: Three days of practice and two days of reading the script, either sneaking in someone else’s cat or dozing off in a daze while discussing major events. Just like that, you still want to clean up me?
    The thin-winged candied haws were all scared: the teacher, the leader? !

    Forbearance, infatuation, gentleness, Yu Jie X, lively, silly and sweet

    Content label: system sweet text fast wear book wear
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Little Wing, Ah Zhao Supporting role: The next cub “Her Black Moonlight [Quick Passing]” Others:
    One sentence introduction: The silly Baitian who is messing up is being watched by her sister
    Conception: To overcome the ups and downs and to welcome a brand-new future.

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