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A Blessed Wife Does Not Obey Her Husband

A Blessed Wife Does Not Obey Her Husband
22 Chapters
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A Blessed Wife Does Not Obey Her Husband

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    Novel Summary

    Mu Huanqing has two people he doesn’t want to see—

    One is the emperor who is messing around with mandarin ducks, and the other is the Marquis of Zhenyuan who was ordered to get married.

    He didn’t like her, and despised the shepherd’s envoy for this marriage.

    Blame her for stealing the position of the main wife, forcing him to grieve his sweetheart and be a child.

    She doesn’t despise him either. She used to live happily.

    Who knew that an imperial decree ended her good days and she had to marry the cold, arrogant and unruly Fu Yanlin.

    Not long after they got married, he drove her to live in Zhuangzi in the suburbs, leaving her to fend for herself.

    But she was not afraid at all, and gave birth to a good daughter who was different.
    One day, the husband who ignored her suddenly came to Zhuangzi, disrupting her peace.

    He is still the indifferent face, with the growth of the years, more restrained majesty.

    She didn’t know what he was thinking. If she wanted to bully her precious daughter, she would fight him hard!

    The little girl opened her innocent eyes and looked at the uncle who was invisible to others.

    “I’m afraid.” Uncle Yaopin pinched the girl’s pretty little face and smiled evilly—
    “Don’t be afraid, what your father really wants to bully is actually your mother.”

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